The 1930s Racer-Mr. Mulligan viewed from the store.

The 1930s Racer-Mr. Mulligan is a plane that costs AirCash, however it can be unlocked by completing the Story Goals. It costs 14 AirCash. It is special because it only gives XP. It is one of the five 1930s planes.


XP: 28

Coins: 0

Time: 4 hours

Passenger: -1

Cargo: -0

Charge-Up Time: SLOW

Unlocked at level: 4


Type Assembly kit Deluxe assembly kit Passenger plane parts Cargo plane parts Coins Gain
Turbine 30 600 -00:40
Navigation system 90 18 1800 +3 XP
Vip seats 180 1 27 9 3600 +3 XP
Upgrade 600 2 90 30 12000


+6 XP

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