The Airshow event also known as Air Show week was an event which is based of airshows. The event lasted from July 9th to August 3rd of 2015. Lasting little under a month. The event currency was binoculars which could be obtained from sending planes. The event currency could also be bought with AirCash. 10 AirCash for 10 Binoculars and 40 AirCash for 50 Binoculars. No cargo planes or seaplanes were added. These were thing you could buy:

Beautiful View - 10 Binoculars (Backdrop) "This beautiful view makes flyers' hearts race!

Red Bullon - 30 Binoculars (Decoration) "Passengers +6, Radius: 1"

Gas Truck - 50 Binoculars (Decoration) "Service Time -11%, Radius: 1"

Grand Stand - 80 Binoculars (Landside Building) "Collects 450 passengers every 120 minutes"

Xtreme-Air XXA-12 - 80 Binoculars (Small Plane)

AIRfrica S360 - 90 Binoculars (Small Plane)

Glide Air SK12 - 100 Binoculars (Medium Plane)

AIRcrobatic KA-55 - 100 Binoculars (Small Plane)

Green Yonder - 120 Binoculars (Small Plane)

AIRchild B105 - 120 Binoculars (Ramacopter)

Dwarf hAIRlon L100 - 150 Binoculars (Medium Plane)

Air-Macchi 339 - 180 Binoculars (Medium Plane)

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