The Cafè viewed from the store.

The Cafè is a landside building. Similar to the Campsite it costs AirCash. It collects 82 passengers every 10 minutes and is 5x3 making it a direct upgrade to the Campsite. However it is much more expensive, costing 15 more aircash. As the Campsite costs 24 and the Cafè costs 39 AirCash. The building has an animation in which there is a waitor/waitress in white going in circles around a table, as there are two tables. On one table there is a man in blue and a man in green. And on the other table there is a man in blue and a man in purple. None of these appear in the store.

Stats Edit

Collects 82 passengers every 10 minutes.

Passengers per minute: 8,2

Size: 5x3

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