Also known as Red Alert or SOS Days. The Emergency event is an event that took place from April 14th to May 4th of 2015. All the planes, decorations and landside buildings were based of firefighters and lifeguards. Most of the planes added in the event were red. The Event Currency was a lifesaver. Not a single cargo plane was added during the event. Here is a list of the things you could buy:

Emergency Panorama (Backdroop) - 10 Lifesavers "Limited Edition"


The Emergency event sneak peak photo.

Destination Board (Decoration) - 40 Lifesavers "Passengers: +4, Radius: 2"

Light Tower (Decoration) - 50 Lifesavers "Service Time: -4%, Radius: 2"

Skywatch (Landside Buildings) - 60 Lifesavers "Collects 680 passengers every 180 minutes"

Agrarama (Small Plane) - 60 Lifesavers

Firefight Air (Small Plane) - 90 Lifesavers

Venture Air (Medium Plane) - 110 Lifesavers

Bald Eagle (SeaPlane) - 120 Lifesavers

Aerocopter (Ramacopter) - 130 Lifesavers

Mohawk M60 (Ramacopter) - 150 Lifesavers

Airion (Medium Plane) - 160 Lifesavers

Neptune 5 (SeaPlane) - 180 Lifesavers

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