The Flashback Event VI is an event which lasted from mid May to mid June. The event was the sixth Flashback Event. What this means is that nothing new was added in the event. Instead new things that had previously been featured in other events are featured here. These event can range from a couple of months to years. This event is one of the longest lasting event ever. The event currency was a trophy. These are a list of thing you could buy:

Japanorama (Backdrop) - 20 Trophies "Bringing the Far East to your on home!"

Central Bus Station (Decoration) - 30 Trophies "Service Time: -9%, Radius: 1"

Jumbo Flag (Decoration) - 40 Trophies "Passengers: +6, Radius: 1"

Mem-Aerial (Decoration) - 45 Trophies "Passengers: +3, Radius: 1"

Bone Fence (Decoration) - 45 Trophies "Service Time: -5%, Radius: 1"

MoMA - Museum of Modern Aviation (Landside Building) - 60 Trophies "Collects 350 passengers every 30 minutes"

Romantic Backdrop (Backdrop) - 60 Trophies "Romantic Backdrop"

Draco (Small Plane) - 70 Trophies

H20cules (Seaplane Cargo Plane) - 75 Trophies

Bushido (Small Plane) - 75 Trophies

Skyfire (Small Plane) - 75 Trophies

Mega Hangar (Landside Building) - 85 Trophies "Collects 3000 passengers every 180 minutes"

Lohengrin (Seaplane) - 90 Trophies

Zero G (Medium Plane) - 95 Trophies

Turbeen (Ramacopter) - 100 Trophies

Bloating 777 (Medium Cargo Plane) - 110 Trophies

Dive-Air 2000 (Sea Plane) - 120 Trophies

Aerobus (Medium Plane) - 120 Trophies

Boiling 757 (Medium Plane) - 130 Trophies

Backwater Plane (Seaplane) - 140 Trophies

Boogie 69 (Ramacopter) - 150 Trophies

Medic-Air (Ramacopter) - 180 Trophies

Astrotrain (Medium Cargo Plane) - 180 Trophies

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