The Flashback Event V is the fifth flashback event in Skyrama. What this means is that all the things available in the event has previously been featured in other events. These can go as far back as 2013. The event lasted from mid January to early February. The event currency used was a trophy. You could buy trophies, 10 Trophies for 10 AirCash and 50 Trophies for 40 AirCash. Here is a list of the things you could buy:

Sky-Long (Decoration) - 30 Trophies "Passenger: +8, Radius: 1"

Airport Fire Brigade (Decoration) - 35 Trophies "Service Time: -10%, Radius: 1"

Flashback v

The Loading Screen during the event.

Skyrantula (Small Plane) - 60 Trophies

Jetliner AX 18 (Small Plane) - 70 Trophies

Jingle Blades (Ramacopter) - 90 Trophies

Airspray-22 (Ramacopter) - 110 Trophies

Island Hopper (SeaPlane Cargoplane) - 120 Trophies

Ice Skater (SeaPlane) - 120 Trophies

Big Bang (Medium Plane) - 140 Trophies

Global Intelligence Agency (Landside Building) - 140 Trophies "Collects 1700 passengers every 60 minutes"

A33X (Medium Plane) - 160 Trophies

Hindenburg (Ramacopter Cargo Plane) - 175 Trophies

USS Azure (Ramacopter Cargo Plane) - 200 Trophies

UPDATE: On the 9th of February 2015 the Skyrama Team announced that due to problems on the previous Friday that the event would last until the 14th instead of the 9th.

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