Fuel Depots are landside buildings that add passengers over time. They are influenced by decorations that modify passenger count. There are 2 types of Fuel Depots.

Small Fuel DepotEdit

Small fuel

Small Fuel Depot

For the landside building unlocked before, see Rest-Rooms. For the one unlocked after this, see Parking. For the full list see List of Landside Buildings. ---

Available : Level 1

Costs: 760 AirCoins

Size: 2x2

Passengers: 3 per 10 minutes

Passengers per minute: 0.3

Medium Fuel DepotEdit

For the Landside Building unlocked before, see Luggage Depot . For the next Landside Building, see Small Hotel.   --- 

Available: Level 8 


Medium Fuel Depot

Costs : 2530 AirCoins 

Size: 3x2

Passengers: 14 per 10 minutes

Passengers per minute: 1.4  

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