The Kite Field viewed from the store.

The Kite Field is a small Landside Building that is unlocked later in the game. It is 3x2 and costs 6950 AirCoins. It collects 30 passengers every 10 minutes. It is a very small Landside Building. The Landside Building isn't even a building but is more of an attraction. There are two parked cars, one orange and one green. There is a guy in blue walking around the cars, a guy in green between the cars, a guy in red watching, two people, one in red and one in yellow. There are two kids one in a green kite and one in an orange one. One has a red shirt and blue pants while one has an orange shirt and beige pants.

Stats Edit

Collects 30 passengers every 10 minutes.

-Passengers per minute: 3

Size: 3x2

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