Medium h2

The Medium Hotel 2 viewed from the store.

For the landside building unlocked before, see Small Hotel. For the next one unlocked, see Medium Hotel.

The Medium Hotel 2 is one of the four hotels in the game. It costs 5000 AirCoins, the same as the Medium Hotel and they both are 5x4. The Medium Hotel is a very situational landside building compared to the Medium Hotel. The Medium Hotel 2 collects 80 passengers every 10 minutes, meanwhile the Medium Hotel collects 320 passengers every 4 hours. This is why it is very situational and up to preferance and how active you are. The Medium Hotel 2's animation is two people playing tennis on the roof of the building where there is apparently a tennis court (can be seen from the picture). There is a yellow, white, blue, green and red car parked outside the hotel.

Stats Edit

Collects 80 passengers every 10 minutes

Passengers per minute: 0.8

Size: 5x4

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