The Most Wanted event is an event which lasted from February 25th to late March 23rd. It is a very long event. The event is said to offer the most wanted planes in the world and give the best selection of planes from the new and old world. During the event Quickservice cost 30 AirCash. These were the things you could buy in the event:

Most Wanted (Backdrop) - 10 Cameras "A beautiful view as long as the eye can see."

Loading Ramp (Decoration) - 40 Cameras "Service Time: -10%, Radius: 1"

Pigskin Blimp (Decoration) - 50 Cameras "Passengers: +18, Radius: 1"

EveA500 (Small Plane) - 65 Cameras

Aero Cinema (Landside Building) - 80 Cameras "Collects 220 passengers every 60 minutes"

Thornier C-Star (SeaPlane) - 90 Cameras

Stratos 4 (Ramacopter) - 120 Cameras

Thornier328 (Small Plane) - 120 Cameras

Super Yuppy (Medium Cargo Plane) - 120 Cameras

Boiling C17 (Medium Cargo Plane) - 150 Cameras

Ding-Dong22 (Ramacopter) - 150 Cameras

Amphib 2000 (SeaPlane) - 150 Cameras

Tupperdew154 (Medium Plane) - 190 Cameras

Sky-Dart (Medium Plane) - 250 Cameras

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