Quickservice viewed from the store

The Quickservice is a game mechanic. 24 Hours of Quickservice can be bought from the store. Note that these can stack, buying more quickserivces increases the time of quickservice. Once quicksevice is active the quickservice icon above any aircraft will become yellow and will cost 0 AirCash. Once clicked the plane will automatically be finished derparting/returning/landing. And if possible will give all XP, Coins, Cargo and Plane Parts. The Quickservice can be used very effectively during an event, as event currencies can be made easilier.

Notes Edit

  • Sometimes the AirCoins and XP will not show when using quickservice, though you still get AirCoins and XP from it.
  • Quickserivce can not land planes immediately.
  • CashCows and Buddy Planes still timeout prematurely even if quickservice is activated.

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