The Rama-M-Turbo

The Rama-M-Turbo is the first Medium plane you get. It is required to complete many Main Goals and Story Goals. The upgrade to the plane is the Rama Breezy. It costs 1200 AirCoins.


XP: 13

Coins: 140

Time: 1 Hour


Charge-Up Time: SLOW


Type Assembly Kit  Deluxe Assembly Kit Passenger plane parts Helicopter parts Seaplane parts Coins Gain
Turbine 60 9 1200 -00:10
Navigation system 180 27 3600 +2 XP
VIP seats 360 2 54 18 3600 +14 Coins
Upgrade 1200 4 180 60 24000


+2 XP

+14 Coins

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