The Rama-XS-Quickie as it appears in-game

Also known as the Rama-XS-Express, the Rama-XS-Quickie. is the most basic and fastest small plane in Skyrama. It is everyone's first plane and is the first in the store. It's real life counterpart is most likely the Cessna 208 Caravan. It costs 150 AirCoins. It is a small plane which means that you need a small Runway and Bay to land. It is stored in the Small Hangar


XP: 2

Coins: 25

Time: 6 Minutes

Passengers: 10

Cargo: -40

Charge-Up Time: FAST

Unlocked at level: 0


Type Assembly kit Deluxe assembly kit Passenger plane parts Cargo plane parts Coins Gain
Turbine 40 800 -00:01
Navigation system 90 18 1800 +1 XP
Vip seats 180 1 27 9 3600 +3 Coins
Upgrade 600 2 90 30 12000


+1 XP

+3 Coins

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