The Rama-XS-SuperQuickie as viewed from the store

Also knows as the Rama-XS-SuperExpress, the Rama-XS-SuperQuickie is a direct upgrade to the Rama-XS-Quickie. It costs 6 AirCash making it quite common to see. It takes more passengers than the regular Quickie and you get more XP and AirCoins.

Stats Edit

XP: 3

Coins: 40

Time: 6 Minutes

Passengers: -21

Cargo: -40

Charge-Up Time: FAST

Unlocked at level: 3


Type Assembly kit Deluxe assembly kit Passenger plane parts Cargo plane parts Coins Gain
Turbine 40 800 -00:01
Navigation system 90 18 1800 +1 XP
Vip seats 180 1 27 9 3600 +4 Coins
Upgrade 600 2 90 30 12000


+1 XP

+4 Coins

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