Also knows as Waterplanes and Seaplane Weeks. The Seaplanes event is an event which lasted from August 17th to September 14th. This made it last a little under a month. The event is based off of seaplanes. The event currency are rubber Ducks which could be obtained from sending planes. The event currency could also be bought with AirCash. 10 AirCash for 10 Ducks and 40 AirCash for 50 Ducks. No cargo planes were added in the event: These were the things you could buy:

Beautiful Landscape (Backdrop) - 10 Ducks "A peaceful paradise as far as the eye can see."

Wave Flag (Decoration) - 40 Ducks "Passengers +6, Radius: 1"

Cessnair CN-280 (Seaplane) - 60 Ducks

TowAir Plane (Decoration) - 60 Ducks "Service Time -4%, Radius: 2"

Jetstream HP-1 (Small Plane) - 60 Ducks

Shoulder Wing Air G-21 (Seaplanes) - 70 Ducks

Airboat PB-5A (Seaplanes) - 75 Ducks

Lakefront Cafè (Landside Building) - 80 Ducks "Collects 200 passengers every 25 minutes"

McDowell PA-21 (Medium Plane) - 90 Ducks

Pionair YL-SL1 (Seaplane) - 100 Ducks

Rotocopter BOH-46 (Ramacopter) - 110 Ducks

Aviolander D-42 (Seaplane) - 120 Ducks

Amphibee-O B-200 (Seaplane) - 160 Ducks

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